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Forest Arms - Brechfa

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The community launch a share offer to raise the money to buy our village pub.


The historic pub, the Forest Arms - Brechfa has been closed for 5 years and has been steadly falling into a state of disrepair, the pub has now been put up for auction on the 11th of July.

The community has committed to raise the money to purchase the property through a share option. Once purchased, we will work to develop the building into a profitable hub for the community. We will work with the assistance of 'Pub is the Hub' and other experts to create a pub, micro-brewary, and cafe with space to display and sell the work of local artists and craftsmen. We will also create space for local small businesses who need premises.

Shares are £250 each, multiple shares can be purchased upto a maximum of £20,000. It is important to us that this is a project which involves the whole community, so each shareholder only gets one vote within the community organisation running the pub no matter how many shares they own.

We are preparing a prospectus, and working with experts on the legal process. We will publish the prospectus shortly. In the meantime to express interest in the project, please .Email us.