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Brechfa Forest and Llanllwni Mountain  
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Brechfa Forest and Llanllwni Mountain form the south western end of the  Cambrian Mountain range.

The communities surrounding the forest and mountain have been very successful in developing a strong local economy linked to the open access land.

The area surrounding Brechfa Forest and Llanllwni Mountain has been selected by the Cambrian Mountains Initiative for a research project to develop a local action plan for rural enterprise, especially that which is linked to the attractive landscape.

Brechfa Forest is a 6500 hectare area of open access land managed by the Forestry Commission Wales.   Walkers, cyclists and horse riders have the right to roam throughout the forest, and there are three world class mountain bike trails. Llanllwni Mountain, part of the Crown Estates, is an area of common land managed by local graziers and is also open access for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

How can you help?
A group of volunteers have collected details of projects and activities taking place in the Brechfa Forest and Llanllwni mountain area, and plans or ideas for the future. The details are included in the community led action plan based on the template supplied by the Cambrian Mountain Initiative.

The action plan is constantly being updated to reflect achievements and new aims. A copy  of the latest version of the action plan is available for comment.  To submit any comments or to email one of the volunteers with any other questions. Click here

***** Urgent Projects. ************

The Forest Arms, Brechfa has been closed for 5 years, the community is very keen to buy the building and develop its potential as a community resource and to provide employment opportunities and provide space for new businesses.
Click here to link to more information on how the community is seeking support to buy our village pub - the Forest Arms.


The role of the plans within the CMI will be to identify actions that could be supported by present grants and to inform future EU funding bids by demonstrating how the Cambrians is seeking to develop a 'bottom up' approach to community development

We have also created surveys for individuals to complete if they prefer. Please click here if you wish to respond to a survey on any of the 4 major themes of the initative. Recreation, Tourism and local products, Sustainable lifestyles and communities.



Click here to view a map of the Cambrian Mountain Range and area of economic impact.

Action plan template
Click here to download a copy of the action plan template.

Cambrian Mountain Initiative
Click here to link to the CMI website.

Urgent Project
Click here to link to an urgent project, the community is seeking support to buy our village pub - the Forest Arms.